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Water Heater Repair in La Porte TX

plumber checks a control unit during a water heater repair in La Porte TXOne of the most essential appliances in your home is the water heater. Imagine how different it would be to step into an ice cold shower every morning. So, what happens when your La Porte water heater stops working correctly? The truth – until it fails completely, it will continue to heat your water, albeit quite inefficiently. This inefficiency could cost you 25 to 40 percent more in water heating cost over a year.

Not only will it cost you money every month, an inefficient water heater will fail much sooner than an efficient one. A standard water heater will last about 7 to 10 years. A well maintained one could last twice as long. At $3,000 for a fully installed water heater, just doing the basic maintenance makes a good deal of sense.

 Professional La Porte Water Heater Repair Inspection

La Porte TX water heater repair technician at workOur La Porte water heater repair team does a full 15 point inspection including the temperature and pressure release valve, thermostat, sacrificial anode, water inlets, electrical connections and more. One of the biggest problems with water heaters is that they accumulate scale on their interior. This calcium carbonate build-up can cause issues with electrical heating elements on the interior of the tank or can also accumulate on the bottom of the tank to hinder heating by a gas heater.

Another major issue is the sacrificial anode. It is designed to combine with free radicals in the heated water to prevent rust on the steel tank. This anode creates a precipitate that falls from the anode to the base of the tank. There is builds up and can cause issues with water heating. A sediment flush can remove this build up. Our La Porte plumbers suggest that this be done at least once a year.

Let Us Help You With Your Water Heating Issues

poorly maintained water heaters can rust out and flood the utility roomAre you having water heating issues? If so, our plumbers are ready to take care of them for you. Hopefully the problems aren't so bad that you need a new heater, but if they are, we can schedule an install right away. Even if you're not currently having water heater issues, you might want to schedule a preventative maintenance to handle all of these little issues that have been building up over time. Call us now!

We Also Install & Service Tankless Water Heaters

Homes throughout La Porte have been switching to tankless water heaters, and your home could be next. While tankless water heaters have higher initial installation and equipment costs, you'll save money throughout the life of the unit, get a longer lasting unit, and enjoy endless hot water. That means your shower will never run cold, you can fill up the largest bath tub you can find, and you can do a dozen loads of laundry without losing cleaning power.
Tankless water heaters aren't right for everyone, which is why it's important to have a plumber ensure that your home is a good fit. Call us today to set up your appointment for a no-obligation consultation.

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